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About Bear Home Inspection Service

“Here at Bear, we Care”

It has been said that “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.”

Well, this has been a love affair that started some 40 years ago, approximately in 1970 when my dad, who was a building contractor would take me to his job sites and put me to work, lifting, cleaning and demolishing. I remember how I would look forward to going to work with him. I remember the smell of cut wood, freshly poured concrete, or excavated soil and how I loved those aromas.

It is so exciting and challenging, to be involved in the construction of a new home, an addition or a commercial building, to be able to look back at what we built and accomplished.

By the time I was entering college I was able to complete general carpentry projects on my own. I was also excited about the future possibilities and opportunities from excelling and becoming a master carpenter, and impressing my dad.

By the time I graduated college I was a complete carpenter with hands-on experience. While working side-by-side with other various construction trades people, I gained valuable experience and knowledge from such tradesmen as plumbers, electricians, HVAC, building inspectors, engineers, and other trades and professional people.

After graduating college, I became my dad’s Construction site superintendent. I was now in charge of running projects such as building new homes, developing land, constructing commercial buildings, installing septic systems, custom woodworking and much more, I excelled and loved what I was doing.

When I turned 28 years old I decided to start my own construction business. In doing so I was compelled to add to my resume of hands-on experience by taking continuing education courses in engineering, real estate, septic design and installation, construction techniques, construction management and other educational related courses. I acquired licenses for real estate, installing septic systems, and of course I already had my contractor’s license.

Over the next several years, I tripled the size of my business while adding 15 employees. As the company grew I took great pride in the quality of work and the custom designs we produced for our clients. During this time my company was awarded, not one but two “National Outstanding Achievement Awards” from Certainteed Corp. for the quality of the work we completed on two rehab projects.

By this time God sent me five beautiful daughters, that’s right five. Needless to say they added to my inspiration to become not only successful, but to be the best in the building industry.

In an effort to open up new avenues of business for my company, I decided to look into representing home owners with insurance claims for damage to their homes from storms, accidents or other disasters; this would open up new venues to attain more work, especially in hard economic times. In order for me to represent the public I would have to acquire my insurance adjuster’s license. To do so, I attended Vale National’s training center to acquire the education I needed, and then passed a state test to acquire my adjuster’s license.

In “1999” I was approached by WPRO and was offered the opportunity to produce and host a radio talk show, about home improvements, that’s right people would call me asking advice about their home projects, Hollywood here I come. It was a one hour show that was aired every Saturday morning at 9 AM primetime. I would have guest hosts, such as real estate attorneys, plumbers, electricians and many other building trade experts. People would call in randomly with questions about repairs to their home, new building products, building upgrades and etc. We named the show “House call”, it ran for two years and unfortunately it was replaced by a syndicated show.

With all of my experience and education in the construction field, it brought me to where I am today, adding home inspection services to my company, it seems only natural, besides 40 years of experience I also have fulfilled all educational, certifications, and licensing requirements. How can you beat that deal, someone who loves what they do, with 40+ years of experience, education, certifications and fully licensed, to come to your home and offer all this too you.

Remember “Here At Bear We Care”

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