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Purchasing a home would be most likely the largest investment of your life, not only initially, but the maintenance and energy consumption is an ongoing expense that can cost more than you anticipated. This is why retaining the services of a home inspection company is so important. We can point out conditions that can cause future repair and maintenance problems with your home, and show you how to prevent them from happening, saving you money.

Also through diagnostic testing and infrared imaging, we could locate areas of your home that are costing you added utility cost, heating, and air-conditioning dollars, and show you how to improve your homes energy efficiency.

Your home is where you spend most of your time, this is where your children, wife and or husband spend quality time, have family get-togethers, or just sleeping. That’s why you should know the quality of the air you are breathing or water that you are drinking while at home, and what you can do about it. We are experts and offer you a wealth of information on these hazards and how to remedy them.

What We Do

Standard Home Inspection; our standard home inspection includes an inspection of the roof, exterior walls, windows and doors, foundation, exterior decks or porches, walkways and landscape. The interior includes an inspection of the basement, attic, walls, ceilings, floors, cabinets, doors, electrical systems, plumbing, heating and air conditioning and garage are all inspected for condition and function. Recommendations for defects found, improvements, and prevention of eventual damage due to existing adverse conditions, all of which is evaluated and provided to you.

Mold Inspection; our mold inspection includes inspecting exterior conditions, such as the vegetation surrounding the home, landscaping grades, exterior structure and foundation. The interior of your home is tested for humidity and inspected for water entry, which is conducive to mold growth. We inspect to locate areas where mold is growing and evaluate the conditions that are conducive to mold growth. We then offer remedies to prevent mold to continue to grow.

Mold Testing; once mold is located we then offer the option to test the existing mold for its toxicity. There are millions of types of mold, of which approximately 200 types that are toxic to humans. Although toxic mold is a serious health risk to the occupants of the home, mold in general does not have to be toxic to irritate a person who is sensitive to mold. A person who is sensitive to mold could experience numerous types of respiratory problems and/or cold like symptoms, needless to say that continuous irritation could also be a serious health risk.

Mold Remediation; it is the operation to remove the existing mold from your home. We provide you with a list of certified mold remediators in your area that can develop a protocol, which provides the containment and removal procedures to remove the mold from your home safely. They then implement the removal of mold from your home.

Radon Inspection; a radon inspection includes inspecting areas of your home that may allow radon to enter. During this inspection our goal is to educate you on the conditions of radon and its consequences. We will also point out possible areas of entry and possible remedies. This inspection is also prevalent to determining what type of remediation system would be appropriate for your home, if needed.

Radon Testing; during this process we leave test equipment at your home for a short-term test, which could be followed up with another short-term test or a long-term test. The testing is to determine the level of radon that is in your home, and if it is above the “Environmental Protection Agencies” safe level.

Radon Remediation; is the process to lower the level of radon in your home to a safe level. There are many applications of active and passive systems, diagnostic testing will be conducted during this process to help in determining the remediation system that will work best for you. Depending on the type of home you have and the level of radon that has been found in your home is what determines the type of system that is needed.






Energy Audit and Weatherization; is the examination of the homes energy costs and how to reduce them. This inspection includes diagnostic testing and/or infrared imaging, to locate areas of heat loss through exterior walls and ceilings, heating and air-conditioning ducts, heating and air-conditioning system efficiency, appliance efficiency and proper ventilation. During this process we offer remedies to reduce your energy bills. We then provide you with improvements investment estimate and the projected energy savings value; you can compare energy savings value to the improvement investment and see the payback. This inspection pays for itself and more over time, the figures speak for themselves.

Public Adjusting Service; if you have a homeowners claim for damages from a covered peril, we offer our services to represent you to the insurance company. We interpret policy coverage; we make sure you are getting paid for the repairs that you are owed. We also prepare a comprehensive repair estimate and provide a copy to you and your insurance carrier. We handle the negotiation and settlement of your claim, while staying in close contact with you. “Don’t let the insurance company take advantage of you, by telling you what you are owed and what is covered.”

Other Services; we also offer other services, Insect Inspections, Lead Testing, Manufactured Home Inspections, Commercial Inspections and water testing.

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